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Helicopters are flying over the Florida hospice where Terri Schiavo died this morning.  Media and protestors are surrounding the grounds of the building.  All across the nation, the world in fact, people are logging onto computers and blogging and emailing their thoughts and prayers and wishes for this woman they have never met.  She was not famous in life, but her death will become immortalized, the stuff of history books and law school texts.

Hopefully she will now find the peace that the media, the activists, and even her family did not provide her in her last days.

Today, a final look at this extraordinary case that held us hostage for the past several weeks.  We'll take a look at end of life care issues, saying goodbye to loved ones, and the long-term legacy of this legal battle.

I think of all the tragedies surrounding this story, the final moments were most sad.  Terri Schiavo died with her husband by her side, but her parents were not permitted in the room.  While both sides of this family made some missteps, I can't imagine the anguish of waiting outside a hospice knowing your daughter is dying and not being able to go to her.  It must feel like a nightmare, like those dreams in which you try to scream but can produce no sound.

I only pray that hasn't been Terri Schiavo's experience over these last years.  We may never know.


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