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Mourning the Pope — A throng of mourners, onlookers and those who simply want to pay their respects to Pope John Paul II have assembled in Rome — one Million and counting.  And the funeral is still three days away.  That event is expected to be the biggest in Vatican history, requiring extraordinary security measures (not to mention hotel rooms).  Meanwhile, Cardinals met for a second Day but are forbidden to talk about the election of the next Pope.  They can talk about preparations for the conclave-but did not set a date.  But today was further evidence that mourners were not nearly ready to move on.  Up to 18,000 people an hour were filing past the Pope's bier — during this third full day of the nine official days of mourning….Friday's three-hour funeral is expected to draw two million, including kings, presidents and prime ministers .  The American delegation alone will include former Presidents Bush senior and Clinton joining President Bush and the First Lady….One person who will not on the guest list is the Pope’s assassin, despite his request .

Peter Jennings has cancer — Brokaw, Rather, Jennings are the faces, names and reputations Americans trusted to bring them the news of the day, the good and bad, the uplifting and sad for over two decades.  Brokaw retired.  Rather moved to a new assignment.  Now Peter Jennings has a new fight, far more important than the big get or a little bump in the ratings: lung cancer .  ABC has announced that Jennings will remain the anchor and Managing Editor of ‘World New Tonight’ for as long as he is able.

Jackson trial — It wasn't that long ago that defense attorney Thomas Mesereau was wiping the courtroom floor with the prosecution's case against his client.  A lot can happen in three weeks, friends.  The turning point, perhaps, came from Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville's March 28th ruling permitting five other alleged acts of molestation to be heard at trial.  The result of that pivotal bit of jurisprudence continued today with the second day of testimony from another Jackson accuser .  The witness and prior alleged victim says Jackson molested him though ‘tickling’ games they used to play.  His mother took the stand today, noting how she supposedly saw Jackson take a shower with a boy.

Red Lake shooting links — The shootings at Red Lake High School were initially deemed the act of a lone gunman.  But when police arrested the tribal chairman's son, rumblings about a wider conspiracy started to take root.  Investigators in Minnesota now think several other students may have been involved in planning the attacks, and even more may have known about them.

Desperate divas — The drama behind the drama "Desperate Housewives," is back.  And according to the latest batch of bad press, divas faced off against diva in a cast photo shoot for Vanity Fair, and you just know someone on the set was dying to yell "Catfight!"  The desperation is palpable, the actresses are fighting mad, and the tabloids are positively gleeful.  It all started when the five stars came together pool-side for a cover shoot, where perhaps the first sign of trouble came in the form of an ABC representative, who was given the ill-fated job of referee.  Against previously agreed terms, Teri Hatcher not only got the first pick of swimsuits, she was initially placed in the middle of the photo, breaking two of the mandates said representative was supposed to enforce.  According to one Vanity Fair reporter, that was too much for co-star Marcia Cross who "exploded," and allegedly dropped the f-bomb.  As reports of the on-set meltdown trickled out, we heard-tell Hatcher ended up in tears and Cross's publicist went so far as to throw herself in front of the cameras.  Ouch!


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