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Below are the 25 primates most threatened by extinction, as reported in a study released on April 7, 2005 by the World Conservation Union, the International Primatological Society and Conservation International:

  • Greater bamboo lemur (Prolemur simus), Madagascar
  • White-collared lemur (Eulemur albocollaris), Madagascar
  • Perrier’s sifaka (Propithecus perrieri), Madagascar
  • Silky sifaka (Propithecus candidus), Madagascar
  • Eastern gorilla (Gorilla beringei), Congo, Rwanda, Uganda
  • Cross River gorilla (Gorilla gorilla diehli), Nigeria, Cameroon
  • Mt. Rungwe galago (an as yet undescribed form of the genus Galagoides), Tanzania
  • Tana River red colobus (Procolobus rufomitratus), Kenya
  • White-naped mangabey (Cercocebus atys lunulatus), Ghana, Ivory Coast
  • Sanje mangabey (Cercocebus sanjei), Tanzania
  • Bioko red colobus (Procolobus pennantii pennantii), Equatorial Guinea
  • Black-faced lion tamarin (Leontopithecus caissara), Brazil
  • Buffy-headed tufted capuchin (Cebus xanthosternos), Brazil
  • Northern muriqui (Brachyteles hypoxanthus), Brazil
  • Brown spider monkey (Ateles hybridus brunneus), Colombia
  • Horton Plains slender loris (Loris lydekkerianus nycticeboides), Sri Lanka
  • Miller’s grizzled surili (Presbytis hosei canicrus), Indonesia
  • Pagai pig-tailed snub-nosed monkey, (Simias concolor), Indonesia
  • Delacour’s langur (Trachypithecus delacouri), Vietnam
  • Golden-headed langur (Trachypithecus poliocephalus poliocephalus), Vietnam
  • Western purple-faced langur (Semnopithecus vetulus nestor), Sri Lanka
  • Grey-shanked douc (Pygathrix nemaeus cinerea), Vietnam
  • Tonkin snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus avunculus), Vietnam
  • Hainan black-crested gibbon, (Nomascus nasutus hainanus), China
  • Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii), Indonesia

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