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Politics — It seemed to be a big political laugh... maybe even a big political scandal.  Two Senators, one from each party, blew the cover of a CIA agent by inadvertently using his real name instead of his unimaginitive cover "Mr. Smith," during the confirmation hearings for U.N. Ambassador Designate John Bolton .  You know... "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington and Gets Screwed."  When Kerry and Lugar forgot to call Fulton Armstrong "Mr. Smith" — it marked at least the 10th time in the last five years that Armstrong had been publicly identified as a CIA or National Intelligence Officer…The news-flow is almost seamless tonight…From the U.N. nominee to the old U.N. Ambassador who was also the first Ambassador to Iraq to the celebrations of the second anniversary of the fall of Baghdad and Saddam Hussein.  One slight bump there... the anniversary was actually last Saturday.  The President and his Defense Secretary both hit the road today in honor of the two-year mark; President Bush to Fort Hood in Texas, thanking soldiers for their service; the President's Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, landed in Iraq today for a surprise visit .  He handed out bronze stars and purple hearts to U.S. troops at Camp Liberty.  Also, he met for the first time with Iraq's new leaders, advising them to "avoid unnecessary turbulence" on the path to stability and democracy” and to stick to the time-line for a new constitution.

Bush's iPod — All ye know and all ye need know is that President Bush has an iPod.  And on it, is a John Fogarty song (no, it's not "Fortunate Son").  It's "Centerfield" — you know... "Put me in coach, I'm ready to play" — the one that upon its release in 1985 made half of America and 90 percent of baseball, physically nauseous.  His daughters gave him the music player last July as a birthday present.  The New York Times reports there are 250 songs on it so far, leaving him a little space for more downloads — say, about 9,750!  If you tune in, you’ll find lot of country: George Jones, Alan Jackson foremost and some rock: Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl,” the 1979 one-hit wonder "My Sharona," which often vies for first place on lists of dirtiest rock lyrics ever with "Miracles" by Jefferson Starship.  The rest of the music supply is pretty eclectic.  The president enjoys his playlist while mountain biking.

Jackson trial — Back to the courtroom in Santa Maria, for the latest challenge to our intestinal fortitude ...The prosecution swinging the legal pendulum back from alleged prior bad acts committed by Jackson, to those for which he's actually on trial for.  Today's theme: the accusation that he held his accuser's family as virtual captives, and compelled them to participate in the so-called rebuttal video after the Martin Bashir documentary.  The step-father of the accuser in this case, today alleging two associates of Jackson offered bribes to the family — in the form of college tuition and a home — in exchange for their participation in the video.  The shortened court day prevented a full cross examination of the witness.  But the accuser’s step dad will return to the stand tomorrow and may be followed by the accuser's mother….Now, a story of real crime, that makes the Jackson case look like comic relief.  A South Carolina manhunt ended today for an ex-convict suspected of raping a teenage girl, and killing two adults in a 24-hour period.  Steven Stanko was captured in Augusta, Georgia.  Police say that last Friday, at his home near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Stanko killed the woman with whom he lived a 43-year-old librarian named Laura Ling.  Her body was discovered after the teenaged girl who also lived there, called the police to report she had been raped.

Home alone — If you hadn't noticed, television — news and entertainment alike — has pretty much devolved into a series of warnings... that something could kill you.  Your S-U-V? It could kill ya.  Terrorism?  It could kill ya.  The Democratic Party?  It could kill ya.  The Republican Party?  It could kill ya.
Any of two million ravenous roaming stray cats in Wisconsin?  It could kill ya.
Your husband's eye for other women?  It could kill ya.  In fact, the malice of any defendant in any case Nancy Grace reports on?  It could kill ya.  Hell, Nancy Grace's herself!  It could kill ya.  Well — here's another one tonight.  Leaving your child home alone.  It could kill ya.  Fortunately, in Oklahoma it didn't.  One 10-year-old boy was sick from school and home alone when robber broke in.  The boy hid while calling 9-11. The robber then found the boy and ran.

Gas extremes — Over the past three weeks, the price of gas, rose 19 cents.  And the number of stories about the price of gas, rose to 1.4 per news broadcast.  We're meeting our quota tonight.  Hybrid cars are gaining popularity as a way to beat prices at the pump, not to mention the environment.  Specifically, the Toyota Prius.  The gas and electric car, which gets about 55 miles per gallon, is now so popular that used models are actually selling for more than brand new ones, all because of the high gas prices.  Huh?  A new Prius costs anywhere between $20,975 and $26,640.  But according to the Kelley blue book, a second-hand Prius, from 2004 or 2005, can sell for one to $3,000 over the sticker price of a new one.  It's a result of wannabe owners who don't wanna wait for their cars, are willing to pay quite a bit more.


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