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Image: Peter Gustafson
Peter Gustafson, a member of the Washington State National Guard, used Skype to stay in touch with his wife, Tonya, while deployed in Iraq.
Peter and Tonya Gustafson
Watch your TV from thousands of miles away
Gadgets, Web let viewers catch favorite programs in unconventional ways
Lines between netbooks, laptops keep blurring
A 12-inch netbook? In an evolving PC market, everything's fair game
Cell phone models change frequently
Few phones stay on shelves too long before being tweaked, freshened
Cell phones more distracting than passengers
Study: Hands-free devices just as distracting to drivers has hand-held cells
Facebook making Web surfing more social
Friends can follow one other around the ‘Net with ‘Connect’
Britney Spears, Obama lead Yahoo top searches
Spears remains most popular search term for seven of the past eight years
Online networks a magnet for job-seekers
'Professional networking is a 'must do' during unstable economic times'
When you don't want to be Facebook friends
Connecting with your past can bring up those old, uncomfortable feelings
Juror chats sex abuse trial on Facebook
Dismissed juror asked online friends if they thought defendants were guilty
European history, culture and art goes digital
The European Union online library project is set to rival Google's efforts
Cyberscams befriend social networks
How Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites are fighting a rise in scams
eHarmony agrees to provide same-sex matches
Change is part of discrimination settlement with N.J.'s Civil Rights Division
Is technology spawning new dating disasters?
Blurry ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of digital decorum on dates creating confusion
Online startup aims to improve patent quality
Offers a reward to anyone who can offer evidence about patents' validity
The end of instant messaging (as we know it)
Pop-up boxes are giving way to tools that help communicate in real time
Are you ready for 'YouTube Live?'
Site to begin live streaming events featuring big stars, YouTube favorites
7 real-world technologies from Agent 007
Gadgets James Bond used that you can use, too
Staples offers free Dell PC recycling
Electronics often end up in dumps in China and other developing countries
Today's veterans hall a mouse click away
Many who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan seek companionship online
YouTube to post full-length MGM films
New partnerships put YouTube in more direct competition with Hulu
On the Net: Web still lacks TV's election drama
Internet still essentially functions best as a supplement to television
FCC, Google co-founder see cheaper Internet
'White space' can help improve Internet access in urban and rural areas
Digital frame shows pictures from phones
It's called the Cameo, and T-Mobile USA is going to sell it for $100
MySpace to battle Apple's hot-selling iPod?
Social network may consider building MP3 player to match its music service
Craigslist to crack down on prostitution ads
Enforcement is part of an agreement with attorneys general in 40 states
Amazon tries to take window shopping online
Multimedia setting attempts to to make Internet shopping feel immersive
Pity the Bluetooth headset this holiday season
Cash-strapped shoppers likely to shun entertainment for the home or car
iPhone's i-centric programs are wacky
Weird, wacky programs include iCycle, iThrown, iBubbleWrap, iClouds
Location, location, location — and broadband
Connectedness, and the lack of it, is influencing real estate decisions
Virtual world keeps tabs on election
From Second Life to Spore, Netizens creatively discuss political process
AT&T to try limits on monthly Internet traffic
Increasingly, Internet providers across the country are placing such limits
Microsoft, LG sign mobile collaboration deal
Windows Mobile operating system seeks to continue challenging Symbian
15 hot new technologies that will change everything
Among the innovations: memristor circuits and gesture-based remotes
MySpace deal lets members use copyright video
Original content creators to receive a cut of the revenue from advertising
Analyst says iPhone production may be cut
Cut may reflect Apple's ramp-up of delivery to countries outside the U.S.
Google's growth makes privacy advocates wary
'It's about having a monopoly over our personal information'
Nielsen finds strong TV-Internet usage overlap
Study is good news for companies who fear Net is siphoning viewers
Clicked: One day at a time
This blog is not dead.

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Entertainment options, social networking sites seen as important add-ons.

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Facebook users are jerks, another study confirms

A much-hyped undergraduate psychology thesis finds that both narcissists and low self-esteem sufferers (within the test group) tend to spend more time on Facebook, loading up their profiles with a lot of self-centered content.

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