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Dragnet — Whether you're a fan of the 1960s television series or the 1993 movie starring Harrison Ford, you know one fugitive is tough to catch.  Imagine the difficulty for the U.S. Marshals Service to catch more than 10,000 criminals . Well, they did it with Operation Falcon. Word out of Washington tonight is the biggest national dragnet conducted ever (and in record time, too) came over the course of just one week… Another nationwide sweep to tell you about tonight, this one for a 13-year-old girl in Florida, whose mother not only dated one of the suspects, which, as it turns out, is also a convicted sex offender.  In the Tampa area, the search is on for Sarah Michelle Lund tonight.  She has not been seen since Saturday.  Unfortunately, her mother thought she was at a friend's house and did not call the police until Monday.  Sarah has also run away in the past, but her mother says she was never gone for this long.  Police are now questioning David Lee Onstott in connection with the case…How many mothers would even entertain the thought that they could be living next door to a convicted sex offender, let alone that they were dating one?  Because of unsuspecting mothers like Ms.Lund and daughters like Jessica Lunsford, lawmakers are now trying to make it a little bit easier to keep track of convicted sex offenders by creating the country's first national registry.

Iraq blasts — After a month of relative calm, there was a deadly reminder today from Abu Musab al  Zarqawi in Iraq: three huge bombs.  It began when two suicide bombs exploded within moments of each other just outside the green zone early this morning.  And while our correspondent Charles Sabine was reporting on those blasts, a third device went off directly behind him.  While no one from NBC was harmed, at least 18 people are dead from the attacks .

Kids: victims of crime — For the second day in a row, the mother of Michael Jackson's accuser has taken the stand.  For the second day in a row, there were outbursts of emotion.  Much calmer testimony came today from the accuser's mother , describing how associates of Michael Jackson kept her children from her and threatened the lives of her parents — until she agreed to participate in the so-called rebuttal video to the controversial Martin Bashir documentary about the entertainer.  Asked if she really believed the positive things she said about Jackson in the video, she said "basically, I was acting."…Celebrity trials have become as much a part of American life as suburban little league games on warm spring nights.  But a violent incident at a ball field in Palmdale, California, has left parents stunned, and a community trying to figure out what went wrong.  A 13-year-old Pony League player had just pitched his first losing game of the season, when he ran into a friend's older brother at the concession stand.  15-year old Jeremy Rourke started teasing the younger kid, who witnesses say, grabbed an aluminum baseball bat from his equipment bag and beat the older boy to death.

Kennedy family feud — She married into one of the richest, most prominent families in the land.  Now, after divorce, alcoholism, drunk-driving arrests and rehab attempts, Joan Kennedy’s kids head to court to take legal custody of their mother.  But, what some think is out of revenge, she's trying to sell the historic family mansion out from under them.  It’s not the latest episode from "Days of Our Lives".  It's the latest episode from the Camelot clan.  The ex-wife of Senator Ted Kennedy made headlines at the end of March after she was found by a neighbor on the sidewalk near her Boston home, injured and bleeding in the rain.  Though her friends say it was an innocent fall in a terrible rainstorm, family members seem to be suggesting that fall, and the repercussions, could be the result of a renewed battle with alcohol. And now, she's selling the beloved family home on Cape Cod.  There are reports that the attorney for the children of Joan Kennedy, Augustus Warner, has extended their guardianship order, saying now that Ms. Kennedy has no legal authority to sell the house... however Mr. Warner did not return our calls for comment.

9-1-1 joke — Back in the ‘70s there was "Candid Camera."  Now, you get "Punk’d" by Ashton.  But reality — not reality TV — is the best source of pure voyeuristic gratification for a window into stupidity.  One  9-1-1 call provides a peek into the mind of the caller and, perhaps, too frank operator.  This time, the caller was a harried Mom.  Problem is, she probably needed a nanny much more than an emergency dispatcher.  And the dispatcher somehow sensed that, but went too far.


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