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This weekend eleven "Mad Max" fans were arrested in San Antonio for brandishing fake machine guns and surrounding tanker trucks while acting out fight scenes from "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior."

Let's get a visual here.

Eleven grown men and women in biker jackets with one arm missing, mullets and headbands, were taunting truckers in San Antonio.  Hmm.

But Texas has bigger problems these days.  House Majority Leader Tom "The Hammer" Delay is causing quite a rift among the Texas GOP leaders and pundits.  Depending on which paper you read, his constituents are either running like the wind to ditch him or rallying behind him at NRA conventions.  We'll get to the bottom of this today with two great Texans: Jim Hightower and Mark Davis.

Later, a look at one of the favorites in the papal race.  Cardinal Ratzinger of Germany is viewed as a right hand man to Pope John Paul II, and he drafted many of the later policy letters.  Some see his style as a continuation of the philosophies and doctrines that defined the previous reign, and others say that is precisely why they won't vote for him.

It should be a great show.

And "Thunderdome" was much better than "The Road Warrior."  Tina rocked.

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It was an absolutely glorious weekend in New York. For the first time in six months the temperature climbed above 70 degrees, and as is always the case in this city, people got a little overzealous.

Central Park looked like San Juan in August: string bikinis, wafts of Cocoa Butter at every turn.  I resisted the urge to play Debbie Downer and explain to the sun worshippers that it would drop to 45 again in a day or two.

In fact, even I spent a few hours basking in the sun. Unfortunately it was at a sidewalk cafe, and I got the chair facing the street.  Half of my face was exposed to the blazing noonday sun for about two hours, and I now look like an extra from the cast of "Braveheart."  But, alas, the Vitamin D fix was just what I needed.

Now the world is on smoke watch as the papal conclave gathers in the Sistine Chapel. If you believe The New York Times, Germany's Cardinal Ratzinger is in the lead.  Everyone seems to have a favorite.  A long shot is Nigeria's conservative Cardinal Arinze, whom many feel has the chops to take on the job.

The African Church is growing and naming Arinze the Pope would certainly be an enormous validation for these young Catholics. But when push comes to shove, is it at all likely that the Church would elect an African?  We'll discuss.

And tomorrow marks the tenth anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing.  Many feel that there are unanswered questions, that McVeigh might have taken some secrets to the grave.  Could he have been involved in a much larger plot, possibly even tied to Al Qaeda or white supremacist groups?  We'll talk to a lead prosecutor from the trial and a grand juror who swears there is more to the story.

Also at noon, many conservatives have compared John Bolton, the President's pick for U.N. Ambassador, to the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan.  His daughter Maura Moynihan joins us to day to say why she isn't pleased with the comparisons.

It's Monday.  Let's get Connected.

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