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5 p.m. ET

At the top of our 5 p.m. show we'll be watching a liveshot from the Justice Department, awaiting a statement from Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on the case of Zacarias Moussauoi. 

This man who many believe to be the "twentieth hijacker" has been playing games with our legal system, entering pleas and then rescinding, for a couple of years.  We'll see if today the matter finally comes to some kind of close.

But we'll also take a look at who Moussauoi really is and whether he was, in fact, involved in the 9/11 plot.  Many top intelligence officers have admitted that, despite his clearly suspicious background, he might have had nothing at all to do with that horrific day.  Why is he pleading guilty?  We'll take a look.

And we'll bring you a great debate raging in a Maryland school district.  Schools teach sex education, but should they pepper in some catechism with that condom talk?  A group of parents is urging that morality and religious teachings be taught alongside reproduction.  Some more liberal parents are getting a little hot under the collar about this one.

Join us for a great show.

12 p.m. ET

Today on Connected, a look at how the Democrats seem to be delaying on Delay. Although it initially had the makings of a scandal, it has really only been Republicans who have come forward wanting to investigate.  We'll take a look at the reasons why.

Then, Colin Powell has spoken out about the John Bolton nomination for U.N. Ambassador, and he's not siding with the White House. 

And later, on the front page of The New York Times today I saw a picture of Christina Applegate in the Broadway musical "Sweet Charity."  She and a chorus were dancing and singing on prominently displayed boxes of Gran Centario tequila.  Product placement has even found a way onto Broadway stages.  From "The Apprentice" to "American Idol," America's most popular shows are really just long infomercials with better acting.  Are you fed up?

Plus, "Star Trek: Enterprise" heads off the air, while in a galaxy far away another installment of "Star Wars" is ready to launch.  We'll keep our sci-fi fans Connected.

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