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Why not come up with an aggressive campaign to eliminate the need for foreign oil within ten years?  Nothing I have heard makes it seem like that will happen.  We cannot wait, since China and other countries are going to drain future supplies.
--Jeff Kennedy, Pleasant Gap, Pa.

What has the cost been to taxpayers for your "Sell Social Security Tour" and why are they not open to the general public?
--Kathleen, San Jose, Calif.

If education is the backbone of our countries future, why are teachers not paid more?  What incentive programs does the Bush administration have for future teachers to choose a career in education? 
--Beth Clingman, Laramie, Wy.

Why are our immigration policies so hard to enforce and revise for the safety and security of the US?
--Hank Bransford, Nashville Tenn.

Where is Osama bin Laden?
--Niki Conrad, Chicago, Ill.

Why is your administration trying so hard to make sure gay and lesbian citizens are not allowed to marry?  Churches are under no obligation to change its policies, but don't you think the United States should take the lead of such progressive countries such as Canada, and support equal rights to all of its citizens?
--Jeff Ovik, Minneapolis, Minn.

Why does a "Culture of Life" administration and political party try to kill off wounded American veterans by cutting disabled healthcare and increasing the costs for those who have already more than paid the price in blood and sweat?
--Brad Mosher, La Mesa Calif.

Is holding the hand of a dictator like King, leader of a country known for brutal human rights violations, the proper image to send to the world, or his own people, after concluding human rights to be the main reason for the war in Iraq.
--R. Watson, Virginia Beach

The energy crisis, education crisis, environmental crisis, economic crisis and the debacle in Iraq are all in far greater need of attention than social security; why is your focus on Social Security?
--Jeri Benson, Plant City

Mr. President, as a citizen that was devastated by 9/11, what can you tell me in layman's language to justify our commitment to the war in Iraq? Is there a military solution in Iraq worthy of the rapidly mounting lost of additional lives?
--Ray Hopkins, Collierville, Tenn.

Why are you so soft on Saudi Arabia's clear support of terrorist actions against Americans in Iraq?
--Joachim Peats, Fremont, Calif.

Can you explain to the American people why after 3 1/2 years Osama Bin Laden is still at large, violence in Iraq and oil prices are skyrocketing, and our ports are still not secure from terrorist threats, and what you plan to do about these unresolved issues?
--Alan E. Fraser, Tampa, Fla.

We buy all kinds of goods from foreign countries why can't we buy drugs from Canada?
--Dale Burdin, Cambridge

If, per your right-to-life Christian Fundamentalist base, every human life is sacred, then what of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians, Iraqi soldiers, and so-called coalition troops you have murdered under the false pretense of Iraq's WMD?  Weren't their lives as sacred as those of the unborn?
--Kellin Wills, Detroit, Mich.

Is the current social security system a retirement savings program, or a safety net to keep citizens from falling into poverty?  The answer to this question impacts how Americans respond to modifying the program. 
--Dale Borchert, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.


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