Image: Bride To Be Lied About Kidnapping
Jason Braverman  /  Zuma Press
May 02, 2005; Duluth, GA, USA; A billboard in Duluth, Georgia, pokes fun at runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks.
updated 5/3/2005 12:07:27 PM ET 2005-05-03T16:07:27

Here is what some of you are saying:

If John Mason wants to, it's his business not ours!! We the public have no say in the matter so butt out America!!
—Sandy, Bayshore, N.Y.

John should only marry Jennifer if he wants a pathological liar for a bride. She is a 32-year-old spoiled brat. I guess southerner’s love their Scarlett O'hara. Frankly my dear, I think she should have to pay a fine and do community service.  Giving pedicures to the homeless would do her good. Then send her to Afghanistan with a burka on her head.
—Joan Miller, Lakewood, Ohio.

What is most incredible about this story is how the guy can't take a hint. Maybe she doesn't want him to forgive her.  I'm beginning to understand what she was running away from.
—Eric, Phoenix, Ariz 

Just because she felt overwhelmed enough to run away doesn't mean she and the man she loves, the man that obviously loves her and understands her, should not marry.  I believe the country should let them work things out between themselves.  She isn't after all on trial for running from her wedding.  Just perhaps she was more or less pressured into this huge wedding because of family and friends,(status, expected) there is enough pressure in planning a small wedding let alone one with 600 guests and 28 attendants, that is overwhelming to just think about; allow them to go back to privacy.
—Dawn, Midland, Miss.

It's entirely up to him. We shouldn't be deciding what someone else should do. It isn't any business of ours.
—Phil Mantos, Virginia Beach, Va.


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