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Chicago officials voted Wednesday to ban drivers from using hand-held cell phones starting this summer and set fines of $50 and up for violators.

The City Council approved the ordinance without debating it, angering some aldermen who worried about suburban residents and visitors being targeted as they cross the city line from jurisdictions that don’t have bans.

But Mayor Richard Daley said the measure was about safety and called it “just plain common sense.”

The move follows similar bans enacted by cities and states around the country, including New York, New Jersey and Washington, D.C.

The Chicago measure requires drivers to use hands-free devices unless they are making 911 emergency calls or are talking while the vehicle is parked. The penalties would be $50, or $200 if the driver was involved in an accident.

Alderman Brian Doherty said he would have voted against the measure and was disappointed that no role call vote was taken.

“It took me completely by surprise,” Doherty said. “They cut off the debate and they denied my colleagues the right to vote against it directly. It’s just not proper. It’s not democracy in action. It’s sneaky.”

Alderman Edward Burke said he is still pushing for an additional “distracted driving” measure to forbid drivers from applying makeup, shaving, or consuming food and beverages while on the road.

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