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It's looking like the John Bolton confirmation is a done deal.  Today the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, by a 10-8 margin, sent the vote to the floor with no recommendation.  In English, that means they'll let the whole Senate vote, but they were too divided to give Bolton a seal of approval.

Is he the right guy for the job?  Today George Voinovich suggested there might be better people out there, but who?  We'll discuss and give some context to the decision today.  It is actually quite rare that a committee would send a nominee to a vote with no recommendation.

Also today, by now you've probably seen the gruesome footage from the end of a Los Angeles police chase yesterday.  We're asking whether or not police chases do more harm than good.  Many innocent bystanders get hurt in these chaotic moments, but is the right option to let the suspect get away?

And I've done a survey of what's out there on the Internet.  Lots to report, including tons of reaction to John Tierney's column about the reporting of suicide bombings, the ongoing filibuster feud, and a little monkey business at the Neverland Ranch.  Stay tuned.

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Last year I attended the trial of Dennis Kozlowski , the former Chief Executive of Tyco charged with securities fraud and grand larceny to the tune of billions of dollars.

I sat right behind his wife, a friendly woman who always wore a bemused smile as though she were watching an episode of "Law & Order," curled up under a chenille throw on her daybed.

Throughout the trial, all kinds of crazy mishigoss came out about lavish birthday parties with guests clad in Hermes togas and trips to foreign destinations on Gulf Stream jets. It sounded like "Dynasty" and I totally expected Joan Collins to stand up wearing a wide brimmed hat and declare, "I have controlling interest in Colbyco."

Alas, it ended in a mistrial.  I learned a valuable lesson about human nature, though.  Didn't anybody see those crazy parties and wonder where those, oh, few hundred million dollars went during the years the alleged abuse was taking place?  Of course they did.  So why didn't they squeal then, before the company went belly up?  Because those employees were at the lavish parties taking piggyback rides from Roman Centurions and doing the limbo in the sands of Bermuda.

Nobody complains when it's good for the gander.

Only after the company lost $100 billion in market value over six months did the stories start to surface, the exposes in Vanity Fair, the "former employee speaking under condition of anonymity" kind of stuff.

I think that in some way the Bolton hearing has been a similar display of human nature. Not that Bolton is anything like Dennis Kozlowski. That isn't my point.  But the same "blunt language" and "bully tactics" that got him to this level may now be his undoing. If you are constantly praised and promoted for being a hardass, it must stink to suddenly be told that is your negative. We'll see what happens as we monitor the hearings today and wait a vote.

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