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Chili-finger mystery solved — Boy, you know the world has changed when a husband gives his wife the finger and it's national news .  Police in San Jose California have identified the origin of the digit that they claim Anna Ayala placed in a bowl of chili and blamed on Wendy's Restaurants.  It was lost by an unidentified man in an industrial accident last December in Nevada — and he gave it to Ayala's husband, a man named James Plascencia.  This afternoon San Jose police said that in trying her alleged scam in their town Ms. Ayala was really hanging by her finger-tips.  Ayala was arrested nearly a month ago, is still in jail in California, unable to raise bail of $500,000, charged with attempted grand theft — namely the theft of Wendy's good name and business.  CSI Finger-Lickin' Good already had the apparent accomplice in custody, too.  Ayala's husband Mr. Plascencia was arrested last week near Las Vegas on charges of identity theft, failure to pay child support, child abandonment, and fraudulent use of official documents — nothing to do with the finger flinger.

Clearing the bases — Is it possible for the same Presidential administration to win two Middle Eastern wars — and peaces — costing hundreds of billions of dollars?  While trimming what it perceives as fat from the rest of the Military-Industrial Complex?  It's been Donald Rumsfeld's dream for years, if not decades: leaner, and if not meaner, then, more mobile.  Today his dreams came true, along with nightmares at 188 separate military facilities.  The Pentagon proposed closing 33 large military bases and 150 smaller sites .

Rebuilding WTC — The governor of New York is insisting that by next month, there will be a revised plan that will allow the construction of the so-called "Freedom Tower" where the World Trade Center once stood.  Let’s hope he's wrong.  Not to suggest that on this subject George Pataki is operating with anything less than the best of intentions.  But this week, a couple of people brought a plastic model into these studios, and to a lot of us — it suddenly became unmistakably clear.

Things kids swallow — It was Cooperstown, New York, 1968.  Keith and his parents were enjoying a night out at the movies... a Dick van Dyke flick.  The folks shut him up by giving him an entire box of miniature Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to feed on.  After the movie, Keith mom asked "Where are the wrappers?" {pause w/ shrug}  The brown cellophane or whatever it is wrapped around each cup.Yep, Keith ate ‘em.  He thought they were crunchy Peanut Butter cups.  Turns out he’s not alone.  Kids eat a the darndest things.

Countdown eBay auction over — It is our Mission Statement. Information.  Truth.  Illumination.  We aim for public service.  And, when none of that is possible.... it's time for stick puppets.  And somehow... we screwed up in reverse.
The three day extravaganza of charity auctioning on eBay is over .  Our crack team monitored all bidding, genuine and phoney, separating the wheat from the chaff.  Good thing, too for our charity of choice, the Celiac Sprue Association, for people whose health and even lives can be endangered by wheat.  And we got them a lotta dough.


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