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I love the skit "Debbie Downer" on SNL, in which actress Rachel Dratch plays a terminally pessimistic young woman who revels in raining on any passing parade.  For example, when her brother announced he was getting married, he first response was, "Well most marriages end in divorce so don't be so quick to get joint bank accounts."

Last night at a dinner Tom Delay implied that the Democrats have become the "Debbie Downer" of politics.  He suggested that they have no ideas, just a bunch of criticisms.  He's not the first to say this.  It's pretty much the standard GOP line nowadays to say that the Dems like to shoot down the president's proposals on issues like social security and judicial nominations, but they aren't offering anything positive or constructive in return.  Is that true?  We'll debate it today with RNC and DNC representatives.

And of course the breaking news today is the Pentagon's announcement that they will close over two dozen military bases around the country.  Many analysts have agreed that the cost outweighs the gain from many of these bases, but how do you explain that to families who rely on those locations for livelihood?  There are strong points on both sides.

Also, the Internet is a vulnerable target for terrorism.  Company hackings like the grand scale one at Cisco prove we are not as safe as we thought we were.  But these threats are not just a problem for major Fortune 500 companies.  You are at risk, too.  We'll be joined by Howard Schmidt, former White House Cyber Terror expert.

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