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The blogs have really done a better job of tracking the day to day developments of the filibuster feud than MSM has.  Kos, Red State, and Talk Left have been on it and really interesting to read.  I'll survey some of the views out there today as the showdown finally begins on the Senate floor.

Another interesting blog entry today was on Volokh's site.  He shows that "The New York Times" flipped its position on the filibuster in today's Op-Ed on the matter.  In 1995 they supported lowering the required number of votes to help the majority party.  Today they said that the filibuster is a time honored tradition that protects the minority.  So which is it?

On the show today, a look at the Washington governor's race which is still not settled six months after the election.  What's wrong with them?  Why are both sides still litigating this?  We will discuss.

We'll also take another look at the cancellation of 60 Minutes II.  Did it really have anything to do with ratings, or was it an easy way to get Dan Rather out of the picture?

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As I have mentioned before, I have a regular hangout in my hood.  It's a little Italian spot with a cozy bar.  Everyone knows my name.  Sometimes they're glad I came.

Last night the conversation at the bar was almost exclusively about the Newsweek story.  Despite the fact that I live on Manhattan's Upper West Side where sun bleached "Kerry-Edwards" signs still hang in the windows, I can always trust my watering hole for diverse opinions.

It was fascinating to hear people's conspiracy theories on both sides. "All of this is a ruse to fire Scott McClellan," came from one woman.  Another offered that the mainstream media is trying to deflect all the good work happening in the Middle East by reporting lies about abuse.  In the center, most were saying that the whole thing sucked, but Michael Isikoff is a good guy who has done some exceptional reporting.  I think that part is true.

Today, we are continuing to monitor the filibuster feud on the Senate floor.  We'll talk to NBC's Pete Williams and get a primer on just who these judges are at the center of the confirmation storm, and why they are controversial to Democrats.

We'll also take a look at the increasing violence in Iraq.  Is that newly formed nation on the verge of a civil war?

All this, plus a look at a new abstinence initiative called "Silver Ring Thing." They are teaching kids to wait until marriage, but they are peppering in some talk about Jesus and Christianity.  It probably wouldn't matter, but the government gave this group a million dollars for the program.  Does that bother you?

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