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As Kos wrote today, now it is all hands on deck in the filibuster feud, and that sentiment is shared by bloggers on both sides of the issue.

Kos gives a really detailed list of things liberals can do to get involved, from getting regular text message alerts to finding rallies in their area and taking digital photos. The students at Princeton are helping students from other schools to organize filibusters like the one they held on their campus.

Across the aisle "Confirm Them" says the Democrats will be punished by voters for obstructionist tactics, and the "GOP Bloggers" have a great list of re-lection margins indicating the Justice Brown got a bigger win than Barbara Boxer in their home state. Interesting.

I'll also fill you in on blogging about stem cell funding and Howard Dean's appearance on "Meet the Press."

Today we have a special treat: San Francisco Chronicle executive editor Phil Bronstein is filling in for Ron. With his years of experience in MSM, we decided to talk about a few media issues floating out there, like sourcing and the treatment of the military in the press.

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Last Thursday I told you that the blog "Captain's Quarters" had a clear message for GOP leaders stalling on the filibuster issue:  Get these justices confirmed or you won't see one thin dime from your base.

The Captain wasn't alone is his sentiment.

Today the "Des Moines Register" is reporting that a group of Iowa Republicans are spreading the word to potential GOP candidates  "that any GOP senator with presidential aspirations who doesn't support ending judicial filibusters will face consequences in the 2008 caucuses."

The filibuster feud is dividing both parties.  There are the "no compromise, no surrender" advocates on both sides as well as a middle ground of people trying to find a suitable deal.  Tomorrow will be the real test of bipartisan spirit.  We'll see what happens to appeals court nominee Priscilla Owen.

Also at noon today, Laura Bush made stops in the Middle East this weekend calling for increased awareness of women's rights.  She was met with cheers and jeers.  The media has made quite a story out of the First Lady being heckled, but I am not sure why that seems so peculiar.  In all honesty I assumed that American diplomats are heckled everywhere they go.  We'll take a look at this and see if there is something more to it.

And later, legal immigrants in our country are getting fed up with the illegal immigrants who receive the same benefits and have none of the same burdens like taxes and citizenship exams.  Some of these legal residents have started turning in their illegal neighbors.  It's an interesting story.

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