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On Tuesday's edition of 'The Abrams Report,' hsot Dan Abrams, regular guests, and NBC News Correspondent Mike Taibbi dared to make predictions on Michael Jackons’ fate.

Below is what they said:

Former sex crimes prosecutor Bill Fallon: I am convinced they're going to come back not guilty against Jackson. I think they might think there was a conspiracy but it just wasn't proven against Jackson. 

I predicted with you before that I thought the guilty verdict would only be over the alcohol.  And I think that if we got the Jesus juice in and it ended up coming in through the stewardesses and I'm not even sure they testified to that. 

I thought there was going to be a hung jury on the sexual assault case. I said this on your show numerous times. I think the only hope for a guilty here was the 1990 victim who I think is more important than this victim, is more important than the brother and the only hope the prosecution has. 

Criminal defense attorney Daniel Horowitz: I would have confidence in a victory [if I were the defense lawyer in this case]. Let me tell you, if it wasn't for the prior bad acts that came in-- the prior molests that really were not challenged that heavily by Mesereau-- this case  would be a slam-dunk, two-hour deliberation. The jury would come out the door and hug Michael Jackson. Given the past conduct, I think that may taint this deliberation... but I still say not guilty...

Dan Abrams, Abrams Report host: Let me tell you what I'm going to have to do. I'm going to be going out there for the closing arguments. I don’t think this is not going to be a quick deliberation.  I mean I'm basically packing up my life and going out there because I think we're going to be out there for a while as this jury deliberates, but I agree with everyone. I don't expect to see guilty on any of the counts.

NBC News Correspondent Mike Taibbi: I can only say this: The only prediction I'll make is that within two weeks I’ll be working out of my 30 Rock office and walking my dog at night in New York City.

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