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updated 5/26/2005 11:58:38 AM ET 2005-05-26T15:58:38

Nathan Cornelius, 13, who won the National Geography Bee on Wednesday in Washington, D.C., stopped by the MSNBC studios on Thursday morning to chat with MSNBC Live anchors Randy Meier and Amy Robach .

Cornelius, who beat out approximately five million students to win the title, took home a $25,000 scholarship for his effort.

To win the title, Cornelius answered correctly that the Chagres River had been dammed to create Lake Gatun in the Panama Canal system.

On Thursday, Meier and Robach tried to stump Cornelius with two similarly difficult questions to no avail.

Think you would fare any better? Check out the questions below, and watch the video above to see if you, like Cornelius, know the right answer.

Q: The Ebro River, which flows into the Balearic Sea, is in which European country?

Q: The Llanos is a grassland region that extends from Colombia into what other country?

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