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Bolton and blubbering — They've turned the gravity off in the Senate.  George Voinovich, Republican of Ohio, expressed  his opposition on the eve of the confirmation vote on U.N. Ambassador Designate John Bolton , his voice breaking with emotion, seemingly on the verge of crying.  Crying? There's no crying in the Senate!  You may have thought that the running partisan Tong War between the left and the right was bad, but in fact, the bizarro world where the middle controls the political fates , could be even worse.  Senator Voinovich circulated a letter yesterday to the other 99 Senators, urging them to vote against Bolton, stating essentially what he said today on the Senate Floor.  No reports of tear stains on the letter.  If Voinovich — or somebody — convinces five other Republicans to oppose Bolton, he would be defeated.  Although Bolton's Democratic opponents have dropped plans to delay tomorrow's vote through procedural machinations, others say they may still filibuster if the administration won't release documents they want to see relative to his testimony about Syria two years ago.

Diluted drugs — This story is another one from the television playbook of "Things That Could Kill You — But Probably Won't."  These are staples of TV news diet.  But this one is actually a real-life version of a key plot-line in the  “Desperate Housewives” finale and, if you prefer, Orson Welles/Joseph Cotten movie "The Third Man." There is a real-life equivalent in Missouri.  For the record, CVS has responded by saying it will sever its ties with all pharmaceutical suppliers who do not buy all their medications, directly from the manufacturer.

Legal — Let's boil our legal system down to its gist: Michael Jackson could walk out of court a free man and Runaway Bride Jennifer Wilbanks faces six years in jail.  First up, the Jackson trial…Chris Tucker finished up his — and the defense's testimony — calling the mother of Jackson's accuser "possessed." He also said after he helped the cancer-stricken accuser, he eventually grew suspicious of his family…. Jennifer Wilbanks — the pop-eyed, Runaway Bride — Miss Wear-An-Afghan On-Your-Head of 2005 — has been indicted in Lawrenceville, Georgia, on two counts that could put her in prison for up to six years.  Now, that’s a honeymoon.  Gwinnett County Georgia's District Attorney says she now faces a misdemeanor — making a false police report... and a felony — "false statement." That one is worth five years by itself.  "At some point," says D.A. Danny Porter, "you just can't lie to the police."

Moms in prison — The number of women in prison in the U.S. has grown almost 50 percent since 1995.  As many as two out of three of these women are also mothers.  Often they lose touch with their children, which experts say puts both mother and child at risk.  But in Illinois, they're trying to keep these families together, by turning on a television

Burt gets slap happy — Burt Reynolds' publicist says his client was being "playful."  He never hit the producer.  He just "playfully tapped him on the cheek.  Burt did not hit the producer."  Ordinarily, who cares?  Except that over the years, TV news producers, newspaper writers, and even co-Tonight Show guests have been "playfully tapped" by the former all-Southeastern Conference football halfback.  The incident occurred at Reynolds’ film premiere of "The Longest Yard" after the producer asked the actor to tell him about the movie. 


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