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5 p.m. ET
Flushgate continues.  Yesterday the FBI released a document discussing allegations of "Koran flushing" at GITMO dating back to 2002.  Was "Newsweek" right on this one?

Hard to tell.  While it is great fodder for liberal bloggers, the conservatives like LaShawn Barber make a valid point--the FBI agent was reporting what a detainee told him.  He did not see it directly.  I'll share some opposing views on the matter at 5 p.m.

Also today, with the filibuster feud at bay for now, the focus returns to John Bolton.  Does the President still have the political capital it will take to get him through the mill?

We'll also take a look at one state that is banning the sale of violent video games.

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12 p.m. ET

Is he or isn't he?

No, not Tom Cruise.  Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.  The same website that posted he was critically wounded and in need of prayers on Tuesday is now saying it isn't true, and that no replacements have been named.  If you comb through the blogs covering the Muslim world there is a diverse set of opinions and theories.  We'll share some with you.

We'll also take on the Patriot Act as lawmakers prepare to revise it yet again.  Will it add more liberties or take a few more away?  And what is best for the safety of America?

Also, is it constitutional to force a teacher to teach the Constitution?  Yikes.  That will be an interesting discussion.

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Thursday Web links

  • Jihad Watch (WED)
    A report they site says he fled to a bordering country for medical treatment.
  • Reaction in the West
    Juan Cole says it may be old, that there had been reports weeks before that he was in hospital, U.S. surrounded and he fled.
  • Virtually Islamic says Muslim websites are posting get well messages.


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