updated 5/27/2005 4:44:25 PM ET 2005-05-27T20:44:25

"We at the United States Air Force Academy readily admit that we have problems with religious respect issues.  We discovered them ourselves, and have created and executed the first phase of a mandatory education program to deal with them.  Follow-on, long-term education and training efforts are under development.  We take the situation seriously, and we are tackling it head-on and very publicly.

We are aware of the incidents and allegations raised by groups like the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, as well as those from individuals like Mikey Weinstein and Chaplain Melinda Morton.  They are being reviewed by Academy officials, the special task force appointed recently by the Secretary of the Air Force, and the Department of Defense Inspector General.

Finally, we are committed to ensuring an environment at the Air Force Academy in which everyone can believe – or not believe – as they choose; and one in which everyone respects everyone else’s right to their personal beliefs, even though we might not all agree..."


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