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We are continuing to monitor the health of Saudi Arabia's King Fahd, who was hospitalized Friday for tests, and is believed to be in poor health.

What would his death mean for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?  We will be joined by a reporter in Riyadh and Lt. Col. Rick Francona for a discussion of the latest news but also some analysis about what happens next in that nation.

And what is up with the airlines lately?  I hate to fly, but they seem to be making it even worse.  We have already been issued a warning that there will be delays this summer because of bad weather.  Not today, but this summer, as though they have looked into a crystal ball and divined the storm patterns for the next three months.  Do you buy it?  Is this just a way to cancel flights that are less attractive for them?  We'll discuss.

And as always, the blogs provide some entertainment today.  I gave a pretty serious roundup in the noon on reaction to GITMO allegations, so it's time for a holiday weekend treat--the latest shenanigans from mystery man Tom Cruise.  Wow, it gets interesting.

Plus, an interview with Senator John McCain.

All that today on Connected.

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Sometimes, a tree isn't just a tree.

A storm blew through my parents' area a couple of years back, doing some minor damage on the block.  A tree was uprooted in the yard, but luckily only fell on grass.  No property was damaged.

As it happened, the tree landed exactly half on my parents' property and half on the neighbors'.  What followed was a month long discussion about who should pay for removal of the rotting tree.

Now, the amount of money was negligible, but it became a matter of principle.  God, or nature, or fate, downed that tree and technically it was no one's fault.  The laws on the matter in that town are a tad vague.  Eventually my father said enough, and decided that a rotting piece of wood was not worth a war.

Go with me on this, because it's a huge leap but I'll get there.  Is GITMO kind of like that rotting tree? 

We don't really know for sure if anything wrong has happened there.  There are allegations of mishandling of the Quran, but nothing as horrible as the "toilet" case swirling around in the media.  TheU.S. is contending that they've done nothing wrong, which could be true.  In fact, yesterday at the Pentagon newser on the issue, an Arab journalist said "Will you apologize to the Arab world?"  The spokesman responded "For what?"

For nothing, for everything, or just as a good will gesture, perhaps. What should be done about GITMO, if anything?  We'll debate the issue today.

We'll also take a look at the Bolton nomination latest, and give you a preview of the summer television season.

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