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I did a search of some of my favorite blogs today, and even went to Blogpulse to find some new ones.  My conclusion is that the Deep Throat story isn't that interesting to many bloggers.  W. Mark Felt was the number two key person on Blogpulse, but most sites discussing him only have a quick comment like, "So deep throat is this guy."

There was some debate, though, over whether or not he should be considered a hero.  I was really surprised by the middle of the road reaction of Captain's Quarters.  That website is pretty thoughtful, actually.  Hugh Hewitt raised an interesting point, comparing Mark Felt to Susan McDougal of Whitewater fame.  Worth a read.

Of course,  a much more pressing issue for bloggers this week is the impending FEC decision about including blogs in campaign finance reform restrictions.  It is a complicated story to explain.  In a nutshell, it's a debate over whether to include the Internet in all of these new campaign finance changes as some websites accepted pay for endorsements during the 2004 race.  Bloggers say it is a free speech issue and will hinder the robust political exchanges on the web.  I'll share some blogger opinions today.

And a look at how the media's influence has changed since Watergate.

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I think it is interesting that the conversation about Deep Throat has moved to "hero or villain."  The story has really opened some old wounds from those who served in the Nixon administration.  The interviews have been fascinating.

The most comparable story from my lifetime is Monicagate.  People's perceptions of Linda Tripp were pretty well split down partisan lines.  Conservatives applauded her for exposing bad behavior in the White House and liberals felt it was a witch hunt.

Still, there's lots to talk about here, and we'll devote our first half hour to the man known as Deep Throat.

Later in the hour, should the Pentagon spend $10 billion dollars on missile defense for commercial airliners?  Part of me says, "Whatever it takes, babe."  I hate to fly and anything to make me feel safer would be great.  But I wonder why we are jumping to such drastic and high tech solutions when we have yet to figure out how to check each piece of baggage on the plane.  We'll discuss.

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"Deep Throat"

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    Top "Bursty Person" is Mark Felt and Felt is #2 in key people behind only Harry Potter.
  2. Captain's Quarter's
    Like the scandal he helped expose, Felt and his role were much more complicated than a simple hero-or-traitor binary choice allows.
  3. America Blog
    He deserves to be recognized for serving the PEOPLE and CONSTITUTION of the US rather than the WH occupant!
  4. Hugh Hewitt
    Doesn't admiration for DT necessarily mean contempt for Webb Hubbell and Susan McDougal? Of course contempt for DT should also mean admiration for the loyalty of the Clinton pair.

FEC and bloggers

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  2. RedState.org
  3. Uncorrelated
    Opponents of the regulations, including many bloggers, worry that freedom of speech would suffer and that the rules would have a chilling effect on the lively political discussions that occur online. FEC regulation, they say, would unfairly punish individuals, adding that nothing happened in the 2004 elections to warrant intervention.


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