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The ten 10 charges and verdicts against Jackson are outlined below:

Count 1Conspiracy:NOT GUILTY. The charge is Michael Jackson "conspired with Ronald Konitzer, Dieter Weizner, Frank Casio, Vinnie Amen and Marc Schaffel to abduct, falsely imprison and extort the accuser and his family by unlawfully controlling, withholding, isolating, concealing and enticing and threatened them." 

Counts 2-5— Molestation counts
The charge is that between February 20, 2003 and March 12, 2003, "Jackson willfully, unlawfully and lewdly committed a lewd and lascivious act upon the accuser with the intent of arousing, appealing to, and ratifying the lust, passions, and sexual desires of himself and the accuser."

This refers to two counts of the boy himself saying "Michael Jackson molested me, and two counts of his brother saying, "I saw Michael Jackson molesting him."

Count 2 — NOT GUILTY.

Count 3— NOT GUILTY.

Count 4— NOT GUILTY.

Count 5— NOT GUILTY.

Count 6— Attempt to commit a lewd act: NOT GUILTY. "Between February 2003 and March 12 that Jackson attempted to have the accuser commit a lewd act upon Jackson's body with the intent of arousing."

"Basically there was one area of testimony where the accuser said Michael Jackson grabbed his hand and put it on Michael Jackson's genitals and then the boy grabbed it away," explains "Inside Edition" senior correspondent Jim Moret. "This jury may have been stunned to discover that it's not actually molestation— It's a lewd act. And all you really need is 'a touching of the body of someone younger than 14 with the intent to arouse either person.' This touching could be on top of or below the clothing."

Counts 7-10: The felony alcohol counts
Giving  alcohol to the child to assist in the commission of the lewd act.  Each of these counts relates to giving the boy alcohol in an effort to molest him on those four molestation counts. The charge is that he unlawfully gave the accuser alcohol to enable and assist him to commit child molestation.

Count 7:  NOT GUILTY.

Also not guilty of a lesser offense.

Count 8: NOT GUILTY.

Also not guilty of a lesser offense.

Count 9: NOT GUILTY.

Also not guilty of a lesser offense.

Count 10:  NOT GUILTY.

Also not guilty of a lesser offense.


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