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Deep Throat: remaining questions — By all accounts, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein have finished their explanatory opus of all things Deep Throat, for the front page of tomorrow's Washington Post.  The potential titles — including one the paper itself mentioned today — are an endless match game of cliches...”Accident of History”... “Watergate Revisited”... “Deep Throat Cleared”... “Now It Can Be Told!”  Amid the living history of the identification of Mark Felt as the secret source on the Watergate Big Mac, there are hundreds of questions to be answered ... things that still do not add up.

Deep Throat: hero or turncoat? — It is impossible to re-create the picture of Richard Nixon's Presidential Administration that emerged — even in the proverbial "iceberg" form — in 1972 and 1973... Paranoid, bent on revenge, viewing the constitution and the laws of the country as optional, trying to manipulate who the other political party nominated for president — as Nixon himself would later put it, "When the President does it, it's not illegal."  Given that context — was Mark Felt, Deep Throat himself — a hero, a turn-coat , or a law-breaker?  Felt-as-Throat-candidate was always thought to have, at best, mixed motives, upset that he didn't succeed J. Edgar Hoover as head of the FBI.  And/or, concerned that the FBI's Watergate investigation of the White House seemed to be less than rigorous and, under the control of the White House.  The subject even came up at the White House today.  Complete with the question, "is Mark Felt a hero?"

Throat uncovered at camp — We could have known who Deep Throat was in 1988!  That's when a conversation among eight-year-olds at a summer camp could've blown the whole thing open.  Chase Culeman-Beckman kept it to himself for a decade.  But finally, as a high school senior, he spilled the beans.  His buddy at camp, was Jacob Bernstein — Son of Carl.  And Jacob told Chase, 17 long years ago,  "I'm 100 percent sure that Deep Throat was Mark Felt. He's someone in the FBI."

Laguna landslide — It's another edition of "Things That Could Kill You, But Probably Won't".  This is somewhat regionally-specific to Southern California.  Then again, a lot of people live in Southern California.  Landslides are built into the equation there , as are earthquakes — but usually, only during the rainy season.  June 1 is not the rainy season in Laguna Beach, California.  Though, you couldn’t tell the difference after today’s events.

Addicted to love — Remember those dopey anti-drug ads? "This here's your brain," the guy would say, holding an egg..."And this here's your brain on drugs," he'd conclude, as he smashed the egg against a skillet.  Well, apparently the same imagery is applicable to love.  Your brain gets all scrambled up.  It turns out the late rocker Robert Palmer was right.


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