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They are calling it "The Vision Thing."  President Bush says that if he can't get his plans through Congress because of good, old-fashioned foot dragging he will go straight to the voters.  Bypass the system.

Is that "vision" short-sighted?  We'll discuss that today with Terry McAuliffe and Ed Gillespie.

We'll also feature a 'Connected" two-on-one with John Harris, author of a new book on Bill Clinton's presidency.  All that and an in-depth look at the environment in the FBI that gave rise to Deep Throat.

As for what's happening on the blogs, I'm going totally tabloid today.  The latest on Michael Jackson, the Runaway Bride, and a newly approved measure from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to give all adult sites a ".xxx" domain.  Is that a good idea?  It will surely make it easier for parents to filter content, but it could also punish sites outside of that domain while giving a pass to ones within it.

Email me.

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I read Woodward's article this morning , and I must say the part that struck me was Woodward's chutzpah as a young man.

The ability to see opportunity in every meeting and intentionally seek out relationships with exceptional people in order to grow is stuff worthy of a bestselling self help book. You must read this article .

Woodward and Bernstein did the morning show circuit this morning and told some amazing tales. We'll discuss today.

But we'll also take a look at the global war on terror with two noted experts.  Just how well are we doing and how has the enemy changed since 9/11?

Then a look at the taxing of America.  From cigarettes to Botox, hotel rooms to restaurants, creeping taxes are taking more and more of your cash in the name of "luxury," "sin," or "nuisance."

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