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Deep Throat: Woodward speaks — At times it reads less like "All The President's Men" and more like Ted Baxter's autobiography: "It all started in a 5000-watt radio station in Fresno, California…" Beaten to the Deep Throat scoop by his own source, Bob Woodward's revenge is an 87-paragraph article in the Washington Post that goes into pains-taking detail about how he met Mark Felt, but almost none about how he turned what Felt had to tell him, into the backbone of the Watergate coverage he and Carl Bernstein authored.  Turns out Woodward met Felt, by chance, in 1970.  The rest is history... Woodward explained how he kept in touch with Felt in hopes of advancing his own career and how he phoned Felt at the FBI two days after the Watergate break-in.  Felt apparently told him only that the case was going to "heat up" and then Felt then hung up on him.  Woodward then talks of Felt's mania about making certain any contact with Woodward was secret and secure.

Insurgency soars — In the weeks before this country went to war in Iraq, we were told that it would become the front-line in the war against terrorism.  That has turned out to be the truest statement of the war. But it has probably turned out to be true, in a way far different than the administration expected.  First, foreign terrorists poured through the broken borders.  And now Iraqis themselves, are being recruited or coerced.

Jackson trial — By this time tomorrow, the Michael Jackson trial will probably be in the hands of the Jury.  It’s your tax and entertainment dollars in action: Day 563 of the Michael Jackson Investigations.  The prosecution's closing argument is now over.  Thomas Mesereau has begun the defense's, noting that his client plans celebrity animal parties, and asking... "Does he look like the kind of person who is capable of master-minding [a conspiracy]?”  Mesereau also asked about the lack of forensic evidence, citing most famous defense argument: reasonable doubt. He'll finish tomorrow, to be followed by the prosecution's rebuttal. 

Lohan accident — Paparazzi chase down the car of a beautiful celebrity — desperate for a shot to sell — the pursuit ending in a collision.  But the all-too verified nightmare of the teenaged actress Lindsay Lohan.  Chased by, and — say police — intentionally rammed by a photographer on the streets of Los Angeles, just east of Beverly Hills.  The 18-year-old actually called police from her cell phone minutes before the crash to complain that she was being chased by photographers.  Other papparazzi caught the scene with their cameras. As Lohan sped up and made a u-turn to get to safety, police say paparazzo Galo Cesar Ramirez deliberately collided his van into her Mercedes-Benz.  Lohan and the friend who was riding with her escaped with only minor injuries.  Ramirez was arrested for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon there was also an unrelated, previous narcotics charge against him.  He's out on bail of $35,000.

Crawling NYC — It is not just a cliché,  it's an annoying cliché: You gotta crawl before you can walk.  But one man gives the adage new meaning. One New Yorker, former mountain-climbing guide in the lower reaches of Mount Everest and now a cab-driver from Brooklyn, is crawling the length of Manhattan Island to raise money for victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami, and to honor the police officers and firefighters who perished on 9/11. 


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