The unindentified jurors of the Michael
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The unindentified jurors of the Michael Jackson child molestation trial speak to the media after handing Jackson acquittals on all counts at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse 13 June 2005. staff and news service reports
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What is the make-up of the jury deciding Michael Jackson's fate? Below are the juror profiles, compiled by 'The Abrams Report' staff from the jurors' court questionnaires:

Juror 1
White male, 62 years old
Juror 1 is a retired civil engineer. He has been married for 13 years and has 3 grown children. He has taken a law class, and says he might be influenced by the media. He said he has trouble accepting testimony from a child witness on “face value alone.”

Hispanic male, 63 years old
Juror 2  worked as a school counselor before retiring. He has two grown sons, and knows nothing about the Jackson case. He says media plays “too big a role” in the stories they cover. He has had cancer in the family.

Juror 3
White female, 50 years old
She works with horses as a rider and trainer. She is married with no children, but has volunteered for a cause related to child advocacy. She owns two Jackson CDs. She feels that media is not accurate and that there was a spin on the Martin Bashir documentary. She has had cancer within the family.

Juror 4
White female, 51 years old
Juror 4 is a retired high school math teacher. She has two teenage children. She likes Jackson’s music and used to dance to it when she was younger. She is critical of the media, and is aware of the current and 1993 case.

Juror 5
White female, 79 years old
She has two kids in their 50s. Her husband, son, and father have all served in the military. One of her grandsons is has been arrested on a minor sex offense; the smaller grandchildren like to copy Jackson’s dance moves. A casual acquaintance, a JC Penney clerk who sells her perfume, once worked at the Neverland Ranch.

Juror 6
White female, 22 years old
She is unmarried, but has a partner with whom she has two small children. She’s a physical therapy aide in a nursing home. She says she is not a fan and that Jackson’s music was “a little bit before her time.”

Juror 7
White male, 21 years old
Juror no. 7  is a  single college student, who is wheelchair-bound because of cerebral palsy. He visited Neverland Ranch when he was 6-years-old as part of a cerebral palsy group. He said Jackson has been mistreated by the media. He also wants to be a journalist.

Juror 8
Female, 42 years old
Juror 8 is a special education aide. She has been married for 22 years and has 4 children. She has spent six years in the military. She believes children often, and says two of her nieces of her were molested by her brother-in-law. She has also taken a criminal justice course, and has had history of cancer in the family. She likes Jackson’s music.

Juror 9
Asian female, 39 years old
She is married to a local TV reporter and works for the government as an office worker. She has no children. She has read about the case and is aware of the 1993 case.

Juror 10
Hispanic female, 45 years old
She works at a local food market and has three sons. She thinks Jackson is a wonderful entertainer and grew up around his music. Her husband was has a run-in with the law; he was arrested for drunk driving and drugs in the past.

Juror 11
White male, 20 years old
Juror 11 works as an assistant head cashier, and prefers “The Simpsons” over the news. A family member of his worked for Jackson’s doctor; and he’s met Michael Jackson

Juror 12
White female, 44 years old
She’s a divorced social worker with one grown son. Her ex-husband was a police officer. She is says she would feel cautious about a child’s testimony; and that media does not have an impact on the justice system. She thinks Jackson is a great entertainer.

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