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Number of Hours Chris Matthews broadcast live from Democracy Plaza during the 2004 Presidential Election: 14

Number of times SNL spoofed Hardball during 2004-2005 season: 4

What guest famously asked Chris mid-interview, “What is your name?”: former NBA star Dennis Rodman

Most prized item Chris guarded as a Capitol Hill cop: The Pentagon Papers

Number of states Chris is being drafted to run for U.S. Senate: One, Pennsylvania

Number of times Chris’ phone lost connection from Rome during an interview with “Imus in the Morning”: 4

Nickname Imus used for Chris later in the show when describing the event: “Cable Boy”

Which U.S. Senator did Chris interview 3 separate times on the same day? Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), 5/23/05, the date when 14 Senators brokered the filibuster deal.

Number of times actor Clint Eastwood has appeared on Hardball: 2

Total number of Hardball College Tours: 36

Most Recent College Tour guest: CA Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (3/14/2005)

During the Hardball College Tour, what did Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-Ca) say in response to remarks made by Warren Beatty? : “If he promises not to give me advice on politics, I promise not to give him advice on acting.” (3/14/2005)

What former GOP Presidential candidate said to Chris, “I’m not certain,” when asked if he believed in the after-life?: former Sen. Bob Dole, (4/13/2005)

Number of times Hardball has broadcast from RFK stadium: One, 4/14/04 series opener for Washington Nationals

Number of Kings that have been on Hardball in 8 years: One, King Abdullah of Jordan

What movie did Chris ask Richard Perle if he saw: “Million Dollar Baby”

What did Jon Stewart say about Zell Miller after the infamous debate with Chris Matthews?
“That’s Democratic Georgia Senator Zell Miller, building that bridge to the 18th century.”—Jon Stewart, on Zell Miller challenging Chris Matthews to a duel

Which NBC sitcom starlet claimed during the March 2005 issue of “Marie Claire” that she is a “huge news junkie” and wants to meet Chris? Debra Messing (“Will & Grace”)

“Hardball with Chris Matthews” telecasts Monday through Friday 7-8 p.m. (ET).  Tammy Haddad is the executive producer.


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