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We'll begin our show today with a live press conference from President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.  The two will no doubt discuss plans to increase aid to Africa, as well as the progress in Iraq.  After the reporter Q&A session, we'll fold in a couple of political bloggers and kick around what we heard from the two leaders.

Later in the hour, a look at the General Motors announcement that over 25,000 jobs will be cut in the next three years.  How will that impact workers, the economy, and the American auto industry?

And on the blogs today, more on the Bolton nomination.  Top Democrats are conceding that he will be confirmed.  Senator Biden said this weekend that it would be by a slim margin, with around 45 votes against.  That's still 55 votes in favor, and a victory none the less.  But will the lack of support from his peers undermine his efficacy in the United Nations?

And today The Boston Globe released details from John Kerry's Navy file.  No real bombshells besides the fact that he and the President had nearly the same grades at Yale.  Neither one was an "A" student, despite the constant mocking of Bush's intellect during the campaign.  But the report does reveal another interesting piece of information.  Kerry was commended by some of the very same Swift Boat vets who would later attack him at the height of the race.  Interesting that he would not have used that as ammo back in November.

Finally, as you read in my noon post, I can't enough of "lactivism."  I think it's a really interesting story with much broader implications than just a gaffe from Barbara Walters.  More on that today, and more tomorrow with a debate on the issue of public nursing.

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There is an episode of "Sex and the City" in which the character Samantha is eating lunch in a crowded restaurant seated beside a mom and a screaming child.  When Samantha's cell phone rings, a waiter comes over and tells her that phones are not permitted in the dining area.

She glances at the rambunctious child and says, "I'll get off the phone, but what are you going to do about that?"

I was reminded of that scene this morning when I read about a protest in front of ABC studios.  It seems that a few days ago on her program "The View" Barbara Walters said that public breast feeding makes her uncomfortable.  This has set off a storm of "lactivism," women standing outside for giant "feed-ins."  There point is that breast feeding is perfectly normal and natural and that it was wrong for Walters to voice discomfort.

This is by no means the most important story of the day, but boy is this a good water cooler conversation.  We've been talking about it here in the office and the views coming out are fascinating.  Single people admitting that they are annoyed when there are small children misbehaving in restaurants, and parents who feel that we are not tolerant enough of children.  The discussion is going well beyond breast feeding to the heart of the matter: There is, and has always been, a kind of cold war between the single and childless and the married with childrens.  The jockeying for holidays off and the covering for co-workers with sick kids--it happens in every office across America.

There have been enough books written about it to fill a small warehouse.  I remember one called "Baby Boon" which promoted a theory that the childless are discriminated against at work.  Of course if I tried I could probably name five other books that say the opposite, that the single and available people always finish first in the competitive job market.  I find it all fascinating.

And no, that isn't what the show is about today.  Just a discussion topic for your morning coffee.

Today, are the Democrats already turning on their leader Howard Dean?  Just 100 days since his election to the chairmanship of the DNC there are grumblings about whether or not he is raising enough money and complaints about his lack of message on the war in Iraq.  We will discuss.

And later, the governor of Texas just signed some new legislation on abortion and same sex marriage in an evangelical school.  Critics are saying that the choice of venue sent a specific religious message that is not appropriate for elected officials.  Should he have chosen a religious institution as a site for a bill signing?  It'll be a good debate.

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