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Bush & Blair — June 7th may be the most under-celebrated anniversary in our history — the foremost holiday that never was.  It was June 7th — and thus 229 years ago today — that Richard Henry Lee stood up in the Continental Congress and introduced a resolution proposing that the colonies declare their independence from England.  Though odd that this would be the day England's prime minister would come here intending to push a joint bid to forgive African debt, and address global warming — but wind up joining President Bush in having to address the so-called "Downing Street Memo."  Of course they are all "Downing Street Memos" where he comes from.  If you have missed it — and many have — it was a set of leaked notes from a British cabinet meeting in July, 2002, indicating the U.S. was already trying to make the crime fit the punishment, already finding excuses to go to war in Iraq.  Blogs are abuzz .

Whistleblower beaten — Even in these days of super-heated politics and business we still think of the risks of whistleblowers as being confined to those of finance, and career.  Today, the name of the whistleblower for whom the risk may have been far more tangible than just money, is Tommy Hook.  Hook, an auditor of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, was scheduled to testify later this month before Congress, about possible financial waste and fraud at the lab.  Mr. Hook and his wife say that on Saturday, he was lured to a nightclub in Santa Fe, New Mexico with the promise of being given further evidence confirming his claims.  When no one turned up, Hook went back to his car.  There, he and his wife say, he was pulled out of the driver seat by several assailants, beaten up and told to keep his mouth shut .

Jackson verdict watch — And the long vigil continues.  It's your tax and entertainment dollars in action: Day 568 of the Michael Jackson Investigations.  The waiting, of course, is for a verdict.  But NBC News has learned the identity of the foreman of the jury .  Juror Number Two is a 63-year-old Latino man, a retired school counselor and attendance director.  He's something of an artist; he works in bronze with themes of the American west.  He watches a lot of sports, but not a lot of news — not to mention Countdown’s Michael Jackson Puppet Theatre .

Hollywood bad boys — Not counting Russell Crowe, there has not been a single report of an actor being arrested — since last Friday.  That's when police in Italy picked up Lorenzo Crespi, a star on a police drama there, for allegedly beating up two truck-drivers who had "upset a woman friend of his."  96 hours without a non-Russell Crowe actor being arrested.  That's the modern record.  Yes, it's an entertainment tradition — especially a movie tradition — macho stars in mucho trouble.  But the trend is clearly on the upswing and these guys are clearly looking more and more like rebels without a clue.

'Lactivists' protest — What is the most powerful lobbying group in this country at the moment? Yo’ mama!  That’s right, you heard me!  Six states have, of late, passed laws protecting a mother's right to breast-feed her baby anywhere.  Protest campaigns got both Starbuck's and Burger King to switch from being Lactate-Intolerant to being pro-nursing.  And now, on top of every one of their other recent accomplishments they've just flattened Barbara Walters in public.  More than 150 women showed up outside ABC's headquarters in New York yesterday because Walters went on the program "The View" and was critical of one woman who breast-fed her child near her on a flight.


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