We're watching the case in Aruba as well as the Michael Jackson trial, where deliberations are still ongoing.  I heard on the radio this morning that the jury will break early today, which leads me to believe there won't be a verdict, but you never know.

Today, a look at the Patriot Act.  The provisions of this act were finite and implemented as a way to investigate 9/11.  Should they be continued today?  Some believe that the provisions are not only unnecessary but invasive.  We will be joined by two U.S. Representatives with opposing views.

And later, was a White House analyst "cooking the books" on global warming?  Internal memos reveal that facts and figures might have been manipulated to deflect attention to a growing concern about the atmosphere.  We'll debate the issue "Connected" style.

Last, I want to thank Shaun at the podcasted show "Subject 2 Discussion."  I was a guest on his program last night and he conducted a thoughtful interview about the issues we cover each day.  For those bloggers who were listening, I hope you enjoyed it!

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