updated 6/10/2005 5:30:04 PM ET 2005-06-10T21:30:04

MSNBC announced today that radio talk show hosts Jay Severin and Rachel Maddow will join 'The Situation with Tucker Carlson.'  Severin and Maddow, both veterans in media and journalism, will appear with Carlson as regular panelists during the hour-long show to discuss a variety of top headlines and issues of the day.  Severin and Maddow will be part of a recurring group of panelists that join Tucker each evening.

'The Situation with Tucker Carlson' will address the day's developments in news, politics, world issues and pop culture.  The show launches on MSNBC Monday, June 13 and will telecast Monday through Friday from 9 to 10 p.m. E). Severin and Maddow will appear with Carlson throughout the first week of the show. 

Severin currently hosts "The Jay Severin Show" on Boston's 96.9 FM Talk Radio.  Severin is a sought-after commentator on politics and media, logging appearances on most major media outlets. Severin's prolific op-ed pieces have appeared in the New York Times, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle and others.  He was a nominee in 2004 for the prestigious Marconi Award for Radio Personality of the Year.  He has also served as a political and media campaign consultant in more than 50 Republican political campaigns on both the state and national level. Severin graduated from Vassar College and holds a graduate degree in journalism from Boston University.

Maddow hosts Air America Radio's national morning drive news program, "The Rachel Maddow Show." Prior to the launch of the "Rachel Maddow Show" she co-hosted Air America's "Unfiltered" program. She has also held positions at Massachusetts radio's WRSI 93.9 FM and WRNX 100.9.  Maddow has a degree in public policy from Stanford University and a doctorate in politics from Oxford University, where she was a Rhodes scholar.  Maddow is a founding member of several HIV/AIDS activists groups.


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