5 p.m. ET
Monica was on Imus this morning.  She did a great job and raised some really provocative points about Richard Nixon and Deep Throat.  It was good radio.

I loved our noon discussion with Bob Graham and James Gilmore.  We're going to be making that transcript available in case people want to read it.  It was solid.  Graham said he likes Dean, but he did not endorse the kind of rhetoric Dean has been using lately.  It was a great interview.

In our next edition, at 5 p.m. ET, a look at whether or not the prison at Guantanamo Bay should be closed.  On Wednesday Jimmy Carter came out and called for an end to the operations at GITMO, joining a list of others on that side.  While the President has said he will look into all options, Rumsfeld is defending GITMO and seems to see no need to close it now.

We'll also get the latest from the Jackson trial where our own Lisa Daniels is on verdict watch, and we'll introduce to a blogger who covers weather.  A tropical storm is brewing off the coast of Florida, and as hurricane season starts we want to show people how to use blogs and web resources to track storms and find important tips and updates.

Join us.

12 p.m. ET
Our guests for the first half hour are terrific, both with a lifetime of experience in politics.  James Gilmore, the former Governor of Virginia, will join Former Senator Bob Graham for a roundup of issues hot in Washington right now.

First off, did we miss clues that could have prevented 9/11?  And have the CIA and FBI fixed the communication gaps that plagued them?

Then we'll dive into domestic issues.  With each passing day the GOP and the Democrats seem more and more divided.  How would these two statesmen strike accord on social security, the Bolton nomination, and judicial nominations.  Plus, we'll ask Bob Graham what he thinks of Howard Dean's tough talk.

Later in the hour, have the paparazzi gone too far?  Since Princess Diana's tragic death the accidents and high speed chases to get great photos seem to only be escalating.  Should there be a law preventing these gossip mongers from chasing celebrities?

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