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It won't be death that parts them, so Dixie Fisher is trying to sell the casket her soon-to-be ex-husband planned to use when he dies.

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Fisher, of suburban Columbus, placed a classified ad in the newspaper last week hoping to sell the steel casket the couple kept in their garage.

"Marriage died before husband did," read the ad in The Columbus Dispatch.

Fisher and David Budd, who are divorcing, bought the gray casket a year ago from a friend who works at a metal salvage business. Budd said he agreed Fisher should sell the casket.

"There wasn't anybody in it, and it looked like it had never been used," Fisher said.

Fisher plans to be cremated, but the couple thought the casket would come in handy for Budd.

"I told my husband that, if nothing else, it was a good investment for the future," Fisher said.

Budd said having his own casket in the garage never bothered him.

"When it's my time to go, it's my time to go," he said.

The couple also said they have a taste for the macabre: married on Halloween in 1997, they had a party the next day featuring bride-and-groom skeleton decorations.

Fisher is asking $980 for the casket.

"I'm really pressed for money, and I'm hoping I can use some of it for attorney fees," she said.

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