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Who can run
Under the Iranian Constitution, candidates for president must be Muslim and between the ages of 25-75. There are differing interpretations about whether women are eligible for the presidency, but the ruling clerics have blocked all women from standing. Parliament permits women and members of religious and ethnic minorities. People with criminal records or high-ranking officials of the toppled monarchy are banned from running for president or parliament.

Reaching the ballot
All hopefuls for high elected office must be cleared by the Guardian Council, a 12-member body of clerics and scholars loyal to the ruling theocracy. The council often rejects potential candidates considered too liberal or critical of the Islamic system. For Friday’s election, just eight of more than 1,000 possible candidates were allowed.

Who wins
A simple majority — 50 percent plus one vote — is needed to win the presidency. If no candidate attains that, a second round is held between the two top vote-getters. Run-offs have never been needed in Iran’s presidential polls up to now.

Who votes
Anyone at least 16 years old. There are more than 46.7 million eligible voters for Friday’s election. The figure includes millions of Iranians living abroad.

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