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Former CIA chief Porter Goss told "Time" magazine that he has an excellent idea of where Osama bin Laden is.  Really?  So why didn't you nab him?

The comment alone, coming from such a top level intelligence officer, merits serious consideration.  If he's right and the United States basically knows where the Al Qaeda leader is hiding, we must analyze the roadblocks preventing us from nabbing him.  For example, if he is in Iran or Pakistan, would it be nearly impossible diplomatically to get the access we would require?

Today, a Connected "Two on One" with another former head of the CIA, James Woolsey.

And later in the hour, it's where the wild things are:  New Jersey.  It seems that the Garden State has a bear problem.  Is hunting and killing the bears the right solution?  We'll talk to advocates on both sides of the issue.

And in the blog report, I'll take you through a variety of views on the possible vote on John Bolton this afternoon in the Senate.  It is looking more and more likely that there will not be enough votes, and so the President may have to seriously consider a recess appointment.

What is a recess appointment?  I found a great explanation at "This Nation."  Basically, it is perfectly constitutional for the President to name Bolton to the U.N. while the Congress is away for the July 4th holiday.  He can do that.  The debate is about whether he should.

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There is a growing movement in Congress, a bipartisan effort to get an "end date" scheduled for withdrawal from Iraq.  Some Congressmen have suggested October 2006 as a possibility.  Of course that is conveniently a few weeks before the midterm election.

This weekend President Bush rejected any pressure to set a date, and has reiterated the need for patience and the importance of U.S. involvement in that developing democracy.  This week he begins a PR offensive to get America back on his wagon, to pull up poll numbers on support for the war.

Problem is, his "new" message sounds just like the old one.  Patience may be a virtue, but it polls like a vice.

What should the administration's message be at this point?  We'll discuss at length in the noon hour.

We are also continuing to watch the Supreme Court.  With just a couple sessions left before summer break; some serious news could come from those halls at any moment.  The Ten Commandments ruling, a possible resignation from the Court.  We're on it.

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