Video: Inside Brennan's physical recovery
updated 6/21/2005 5:14:56 PM ET 2005-06-21T21:14:56

After going missing on Friday in the mountains outside of Salt Lake City, 11-year-old Brennan Hawkins was found on Tuesday in 'very good condition' according to his Uncle, Bob Hawkins.

Shortly after he was found, MSNBC's Alison Stewart talked with Dr. Marc Harrison of the Cleveland Clinic about what procedures medical professionals usually follow in cases similar to Hawkins.

"Probably, his physical recuperation will by far outpace his psychological and emotional recuperation," Harrison said. Doctors on Tuesday afternoon and evening will monitor the child for a few specific symptoms.

"The first thing you do is take a look at how the child appears and is acting," Harrison said. "You can learn a lot just by the very initial evaluation.  Then he'll get a set of vital signs and I'll be very surprised if he doesn't get a set of laboratory work to make sure he's not very dehydrated and that his kidneys are working."

Aside from dehydration, doctors will be looking for ailments related to the weather, Harrison said.

"With the high altitude this boy was at, he'll be at risk for some very serious sunburn and he may have actually gotten a bit hypothermic at that high of an altitude," he said. "Even if it's the summertime, it gets cold out there at that time of night." 

However, Harrison noted that despite Hawkins' small stature and physical standing as a child, being a child might have helped him in these circumstances.

"Small people have a higher body surface area to weight ration and they actually become dehydrated more quickly then adults do but kids are really resilient," he said. "Children survive things in tact that would leave adult maimed or dead.  I'm just really happy to hear this boy has done so well."

To watch the entire interview between MSNBC's Alison Stewart and Dr. Marc Harrison, click on the video link above.

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