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The debate over funding for Public Broadcasting is really heating up this week as the House prepares to vote on a measure that would significantly slash Big Bird's budget.

At the heart of the story is the question of bias in the PBS and NPR programming, and whether the administration is trying to craft them into a more GOP-friendly network. We'll debate it.

Later in the hour, a look at how The Terminator is doing as governor of "Caulifonia."

On the blogs today, a lot of reaction to Durbin's apology on the Senate floor. Critics of the Illinois Senator have made two major arguments: That his comments hurt troop morale and have provided fuel for the fire in the Arab world. Many conservatives, even elected officials, have referred to the enormous play the story got on Al Jazeera, the Arab media outlet.

Did it really get that kind of attention? I have surveyed both the English language and the Arabic versions of Al Jazeera's websites. So far, I have found only two references to Durbin at all, and one was an AP article.

Some Muslim bloggers have certainly come to Durbin's defense, but mostly in the context of points they were already making about alleged abuses in the detention camps.

In short, I have not found evidence of enormous play for the Durbin story in the Arab world. I did, however, find some very passionate views among military blogs and I will share them.

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