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UPDATE:  At a hearing this morning before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld rejected calls for a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq.  At noon, we'll take a close look at the calls for an end date and how feasible that really is.

I also want to get an early start on a preview for a stellar 5p.m. ET show.  We will tackle the theory promoted by the book "Evidence of Harm" that there is a link between autism and mercury in childhood vaccines.  Our guests will be David Kirby, Dr. Lou Cooper, and Dr. Paul Offit.  I have already received emails about this segment and we have yet to even promote it.  I hope it is informative and helpful for all parents.

And we are also delighted to have Paul Anka with us today to discuss his new album!

Remember the "Do Not Call" list?  You signed up and like magic the telemarketers were supposed to stop calling.  Only, they really haven't.  I still get those phone calls, and at the strangest times.  Like 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday.  I mean that's just cruel.

These telemarketers get their lists of numbers from credit card companies or other retail vendors who are willing to sell your name and number, and even some personal information like age and interests based on purchasing history.

Apparently the Pentagon wants in on the telemarketing game.  Well, not exactly, but it kind of feels that way.  They're looking a few good men--on Madison Avenue--who can help them compile a database of prospective recruits based on age and demographics.

In one sense, I feel like if it's OK for Verizon why shouldn't the U.S. Military be allowed to do this?  Privacy and parent groups feel differently, of course.  Meanwhile, the Pentagon needs to find a solution to low recruitment numbers.  We'll discuss.

And later, its tick tick tick at the Supreme Court.  This session must have been directed by Steven Spielberg--it has that much drama.  When will we see a Ten Commandments ruling, and when will Rehnquist resign? 

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