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  Green Machines  
  Green is big draw at LA Auto Show
The Los Angeles Auto Show is in full swing and two of the cars creating buzz and getting a great deal of attention are both eco-friendly.

  Environment-related news elsewhere
Health: Cadmium found in adult jewelry, too
Tests on necklaces, bracelets from 3 leading retailers reveal toxic material
Science: 'New' NASA will look back at Earth
Plans allow agency to re-fly carbon observatory that crashed last year
Science: Some, but not all, primates share
Studies show that chimps (and humans) grow out of being generous

  Environment features
Cars ranked by chemical content
Billing it as the first-ever consumer guide to toxic chemicals in cars, an advocacy group rated more than 200 models based on interior parts — from steering wheels to armrests — whose chemical components can break down over time.

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Earth as art
Click to see images of Earth's surface as seen by NASA's Landsat-7 satellite. feedback
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  Archived reports
Reflections from time on ‘the Ice’
Experiences gained from an Antarctic odyssey, plus readers’ comments
Car race shows solar power potential
Tapping the sun, students drove 2,500 miles from Texas to Canada
Getty Images file
Fighting fires's Jon Bonne reports on shifting strategies
Gentlemen, start your fuel cells
Road trip highlights potential for cars, but also potholes
Nuclear waste's Miguel Llanos reports on the debate over Yucca Mountain

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