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5 p.m. ET

Hopefully you had a chance to see Chris Jansing's spectacular program "The Ethical Edge" yesterday on MSNBC.  If not, she has been doing a terrific job interviewing ethics experts throughout the day on a variety of subjects including the split rulings on public displays of The Ten Commandments.

The panelists she has been talking to, Fr. Tom Williams and Anita Allen, will join us in our 5pm show to discuss the ruling, and the broader concept of religion in public life.  After all, God is on our money and in our Pledge of Allegiance.  It is a part of the fabric of our communities.  How can we truly separate Church and State?

And later, the confessions of a serial killer left us all chilled today.  BTK confessed killer Dennis Rader described in an eerily cool and calm manner the methods used to kill his victims.  How could he be so nonchalant about something so horrific?  We will talk to an expert.

And many bloggers are fired up over the Supreme Court's file sharing ruling today.  We will debate that as well.

12  p.m. ET

It was quite a memorable weekend in New York City.  On one end of town Billy Graham preached about repentance and salvation, and on the other the rainbow flags flew at the Gay Pride parade.  It was "praise Jesus" in Queens, and "hey, Mary" down in the Village.

I think that is an appropriate beginning to this week, as we await a ruling on the Ten Commandments case and a potential resignation from the Supreme Court.  America seems to be at a crossroads in terms of the culture war.  The far left and religious right have found little compromise.

Today, a look at the decisions the Court will make today and a discussion about the future of the Court.

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