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5 p.m. Thursday

This afternoon on Connected, the Judy Miller and Matt Cooper case on journalistic privilege has opened up a debate on confidentiality--in many professions.

We'll be joined by a stellar panel of experts from three different fields to discuss the importance of keeping a secret, and when it is imperative that you break that promise.

And later, a Florida county wants to ban all support for gay pride events.  Why?  Because a recent gay pride exhibit at the library included pamphlets with resources for teens who might be questioning their sexuality.

Could reading gay literature actually make you gay, or as the county's argument goes, "expose children to risky behavior?"

I'm certain this will be a good debate.  While my opinion is really not relevant, I will add that I have seen plenty of "risky behavior" among straight and gay people alike.  No one group has a monopoly on risk.

Join us.

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12  p.m. ET

Judith Miller of 'The New York Times' and Matthew Cooper of 'Time' have been given until next Wednesday to hand over names of their sources on the Valerie Plame story.

Time said today they would comply, having been threatened with a hefty fine by the judge.  Has that publication sold out its reporter?  And why should Judy Miller and Matt Cooper have special protections in the first place?

We'll debate.

And as we await word on whether or not the shuttle Discovery will launch in July, we will also take on the issue of manned space flights.  Are they necessary anymore?  What has come from the years of hard work and billions of dollars spent?



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