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Terror costs
Aug 6: A month after terrorists struck London, people are still grappling with the effects of attacks that hit the tourism industry particularly hard. NBC's Charles Sabine reports.
Tough words
Aug. 6: Muslims in Britain react to Prime Minister Tony Blair proposed crack down on extremist clerics. NBC’s Charles Sabine reports from London.
Clampdown in Britain
Aug. 5: Prime Minister Tony Blair is tightening the rules about what foreigners in Britain can say and do. NBC’s Lisa Myers reports.
Justifying London attacks
Aug. 3: Two British religious leaders are justifying the London bombings, saying British civilians are fair targets. NBC's Lisa Myers has the story.
Third London terror cell?
Aug 1: Despite more arrests in the London terrorist attacks, intelligence reports a third cell of bombers might be preparing to strike, NBC's Lisa Myers reports.
London raid revelations
July 30: New details have emerged about Friday’s stunning raid in West London, with police claiming they have all the suspected bombers behind the failed July 21 subway and bus attacks. NBC’s James Hattori reports.

Nightly News
U.S. ties in London bombings?
July 20: Counterterrorism officials say the alleged mastermind behind the London bombings might have links to a man who wanted to set up a terrorist camp in Oregon. NBC’s Preston Mendenhall reports.

Scene of the explosions
July 21: ITN’s reporter Emily Reuben describes the scene from the Warren Street Station in London.
Commuter's experience
July 7: Michael Needley was commuting on the Piccadilly line leaving from Kings Cross Station Thursday morning. He describes the scene underground in his own words.
Slide shows: London blasts
A policewoman stands inside the police c
AFP - Getty Images
  London attacked again
View images from London after four small explosions hit the city's transportation network less than three weeks after dozens were killed in a similar series of attacks.

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