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Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure this summer, long lines, travel delays, and mile after mile on the open road can make those summer days seem like a lifetime.  Here at MSNBC Hot List we want to help you make those long hours fly by.  With the recent release of the Sony PSP, travelers now have a perfect companion, allowing you to watch DVD quality movies, listen to MP3’s, and play the latest games.  We have narrowed down the flood of new releases to our Top 5 games for the PSP:


A straightforward action game that follows closely to the tracks laid by its cousin on the console, ‘Dead to Rights 2’.  This is a game that simply cuts to the chase, walk into a room shoot everyone you see walk out.  This game also pays homage to the slo-mo action sequences of John Woo, or the Matrix allowing you to slow down the action at any time during gameplay.

Sporting some of the best graphics seen yet on the PSP, and a sprawling interactive environment ‘Midnight Club 3’ is much more than your average racing game.  ‘Midnight Club 3’plays off all the stereotypes of the street-racing genre.  The game centers on gameplay over realism with in-game physics that focus more on over-the-top jumps and devastating crashes, than your cars air/fuel ratio.

3. MLB
‘MLB’ accomplishes exactly what PSP games should be, a playable portable version of the PS2 game.  ‘MLB’ squeezes an impressive amount into that small UMD disk.  The game has great audio, spectacular graphics, detailed stadiums, and a running audio commentary.  ‘MLB’ also allows you to challenge friends in online exhibition mode.

One of the most consistent sport franchises on the console, ‘NBA Street Showdown’ on the PSP does not disappoint.  ‘Street’ is a 3-on-3 basketball game, where you perform break-neck tricks and above the rim dunks with all the big names from the NBA.  ‘Street’ also makes excellent use of the PSP’s online feature allowing you to play heads-up games anytime, anywhere.  ‘NBA Street Showdown’ is a fast, slick game that fits perfectly with the on-the-go nature of the PSP.

Whether you are a hard-core golfer or not ‘Hot Shots Golf’ is top-notch entertainment.  Also based on the console version, ‘Hot Shots Golf’ delivers a game that is easy to pick up and hard to put down.  ‘Hot Shots’ features a clean, animated look that eliminates the tedious load times that plague other golf games, translating to a seamless, non-stop gaming experience. Hot Shots also features impressive online support allowing you to play in tournaments with up to 8 people.  ‘Hot Shots Golf’ not only delivers a great golf game, but an overall terrific, highly addictive gaming experience.

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