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Hurricane Dennis, a category four storm, is rapidly approaching the Florida coast. As residents prepare for that storm, another threat looms in their areas--price gauging. Today we'll talk with Florida's Attorney General Charlie Crist about how that state plans to weather both of those problems.

And of course, more on the London bombings. Will the attacks scare the Britons out of Iraq? Christopher Hitchens, John Fund and John Nichols will get connected today.

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Where is the Arab outrage over these horrendous attacks?  That's the question we will examine today.  I have surveyed some blogs by Muslims, and most are expressing sympathy or condemning the violent acts.  But has there been any prominent voice from the Arab world speaking out, calling for an end to fundamentalist terror?

We will look at media, blogs, and statements from Muslim leaders to determine what the dominant view is.

And just how safe are America's railways and buses?  Former Homeland Security Undersecretary Asa Hutchinson goes two on one with Ron and Monica.

I pose this question--given the attacks in London, was President Bush right to want terror to be a higher priority at the G8 than global warming and Africa?  We will discuss this with Bob Graham and James Gilmore.


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