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Philadelphia Police Department V  /  AP
This picture from a May 2005 video shows murder victim Patricia McDermott, left, and her killer moments before McDermott was shot on a downtown Philadelphia street. The shooter followed McDermott from a bus stop, and post office surveillance cameras recorded the killing.
updated 7/14/2005 12:12:31 PM ET 2005-07-14T16:12:31

Police said Thursday they have made an arrest in the shooting death of a woman on a downtown sidewalk moments after she stepped off a bus — a killing caught on tape by surveillance cameras.

Juan Covington, a subcontractor at the hospital where Patricia McDermott worked as an X-ray technician, was charged with killing her May 17. Police said they had video of him at Pennsylvania Hospital shortly after the shooting, wearing clothes matching the description of the killer.

McDermott, 48, was shot in the head in the pre-dawn hours as she walked from the downtown bus stop to her job. Video taken from cameras mounted on several buildings showed the killing.

Video shows gunman approaching
The video shows McDermott walking along the sidewalk, her head lowered and her hands tucked in her jacket pockets. The gunman walks quickly to catch up with her, calmly walks alongside her for a few seconds and then shoots her in the head. The attacker doesn't appear to rob McDermott or engage her in conversation before killing her.

Investigators released portions of the grainy surveillance footage in the hope that someone might recognize the shooter.

Covington was in custody and it was unclear if he had an attorney. His age was not immediately known.

Authorities said they were led to Covington by tips that he resembled a composite sketch released by police.

During their interviews with him, investigators learned of his connection to the hospital, but police remain unsure if McDermott and Covington had any sort of relationship.

"I don't know if (the victim) even knew this gentleman," homicide Captain Richard Ross said.

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