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On Wednesday, ‘Scarborough Country’ host Joe Scarborough spoke with Robert Schultz, who recently had an unforgettable fishing trip. His teenaged son, Steven, was reeling in a giant marlin, when the fish decided to fight back. The marlin’s aggressive nature and brute strength has earned it a rank at the top any sport fisherman’s hit list, but for Steven Schultz, the fish had other ideas.

Off the coast of Panama, father and son were spending a day fishing, when a 600-pound marlin caught the line. Eager to prevent a trophy like this getting away, the pair attempted to reel it in, only to get viciously attacked.

When the marlin got close to the boat, it jumped out of the water and attacked the teen, smashing its giant beak right into his face. "He has got four broken bones in his face and on his cheek.  He has had some severe lacerations on the inside of his mouth." Schultz said.

After painful oral surgery, the boy is recovering well, though his father says plastic surgery might also be needed. 

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