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A radical Muslim cleric in London named Omar Bakri Mohammed gave an interview to the Times Online in London yesterday, saying that the attacks of 7/7 were "not the first and not the last." More blood would be shed in England.

His words have an alarming weight considering just a day after that interview another attack was attempted on the London transportation system. Thankfully this one was ineffective, with no reported casualties.

Still, the attack has a psychological impact. Obviously the intention of terrorism is to create fear and disrupt daily life. The Brits have proven to be strong willed and hopefully they will carry on just as they did two weeks before.

On the web, experts are discussing who could have possibly been responsible for this latest attack. As I discussed in my noon posting, this just doesn't smell like Al Qaeda if you add it up, but it very well could be--experts are conflicted.

For example, Athena over at Terrorism Unveiled says that Al Qaeda is strong strategically but has rudimentary tactics, meaning a plot like this couldn't be ruled out. On the Guardian news blog, a security editor is discussing how different this attack was from 7/7. Different explosives, different timing, less professional--it could an expression of solidarity from a sympathetic group or the work of a copycat.

Either way, it seems the London police are on top of this investigation. We will watch as it unfolds.

In the same hour as the Scotland Yard briefing, during our noon show, the mayors of a few major U.S. cities held press conferences to discuss beefing up security in our subways and on buses. Not sure how feasible that is.

Would Americans tolerate bag searches and long lines to ride public transportation? We'll discuss this today.

And later, on Condi Rice's trip to the Sudan members of her entourage and press corps were roughed up and mistreated by Sudanese officials during a photo op with President Bashir. One of the reporters present was NBC's own Andrea Mitchell, a terrific and legendary reporter. She attempted to ask a question and was literally pulled away from the press conference. I am eager to watch MSNBC's broadcasts tonight to hear her tell the tale, and to hear Condi Rice's reaction.

Join us.

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Details are beginning to emerge about a series of incidents earlier today in London that are eerily similar to the attack on 7/7, exactly two weeks ago.  At this point we do not know exactly what has happened, but we have been assured by London authorities that the casualties this time are "light."  It is possible that no one was seriously injured.  We're watching and listening.

Could this be an Al Qaeda attack?  We simply don't know yet, but it sounds like the bombs or explosive devices were very small.  There was a sense that the first attacks did not achieve the "terror" goal, that Londoners simply picked up and moved on and there were no economic repercussions.  If this proves to be another round from Al Qaeda, what will the cumulative impact be? 

I am obviously not a terror expert but I have had the privilege of working with the likes of Walid Phares and Steve Emerson for around four years, and you pick up a thing or two.  For instance, it is not usually Al Qaeda's style to strike so quickly after an attack.  As we have heard from experts, their plots tend to be long planned and take money and time.  Is this an act of desperation or a change in strategy?

On our air today analysts have cautioned that it could very well be a copycat attack.  Either way, it is frightening.

Today we will continue the live coverage of developments as they happen, but also provide some analysis to further this story.  Are America's subways and trains safe?  How can we truly secure public transportation in a free society?
I'm sending a hat tip to Andy Cochran's Counterterrorism Blog as well as Terrorism Unveiled.  Both blogs were fast with details in this case.  And for a truly fascinating read and news while it happens, check out BBC's running reporter blog on the incident.

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