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Tony Blair held a press conference this morning in which he explained at considerable length the measures England would go to in order to stop terrorists.  One of the steps would be considering the deportation of clerics preaching hate or promoting jihadist ideals.

Some of those clerics, like Omar Bakri Mohammed who I have discussed on our show at length, are British citizens and have speech protections under U.K. law.  This would thus be a rethinking of speech rights, and possibly other civil rights in the U.K.

After the attacks of 9/11 our Congress passed the Patriot Act, which among other things including provisions for investigators to look at the books you've checked out of the library.  I believe that provision has since been removed from the Act, but the point is that the War on Terror and the fear of future attacks led to the curbing of some rights.

There are great arguments on both sides of this issue.  On one hand, why let terrorists alter our way of life?  Isn't that exactly what they want us to do?  We will not let them win this war that way.  But, then desperate times call for desperate measures, and I don't mind taking my shoes off at the airport if it means I get to fly with some peace of mind.

We'll debate these new measures in London, and examine changes in our own society.

And later, Supreme Court nominee John Roberts did some pro bono work a few years back for gay rights organization.  That sounds like enough to make the far right activists plots.  Will they?  Is Roberts another Souter, and will he prove to be more moderate than conservative?

In my blog report, a look at two media controversies on the web.

First, Bob Novak stormed off a CNN set yesterday after some tough questions from James Carville.  He muttered an expletive on the air and has since been suspended.  He might have been avoiding questions about his role in the CIA leak investigation.  I'll share some blog reactions.  By and large, the liberals want to know more about his link to Plamegate and the conservatives think he is a poor excuse for a public figure.  Novak isn’t making too many friends lately.

And then, yes conservatives finally, the Air America controversy.  The right wing of the blogosphere has been blogswarming this story for days and so it is only fair that I bring it to light on MSM.  There is an investigation into whether the original Air America CEO, Evan Cohen, diverted funds from a Bronx boys and girls club to help keep his network alive.  Hugh Hewitt thinks it's all a big liberal conspiracy that this story is getting no play.  Liberals are pointing out that the money actually went to Progress Media, the larger media corporation owned by Cohen.  We will dive into this one today, as well.

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